The research committee’s goal is to assist in the development, review, and implementation of research protocols that are focused on neonatal kidney issues. The NKC research committee does not perform all NKC or neonatal nephrology research but serves as a resource. Additionally, through the RINK we have created an infrastructure for neonatal nephrology studies to be proposed and organized.

We also assist in the development of ‘products’ like abstracts, presentations, and manuscripts when the results of NKC associated studies are available. We utilize multiple subcommittees and NKC member input to accomplish these tasks in a transparent and efficient manner. Please check out the links to review previous research publications of the NKC as well as other non-affiliated neonatal kidney research studies.

For those that are interested in being involved in the research work of the NKC – please consider becoming a part of the RINK (to propose or participate in ongoing collaborative research) or propose secondary analyses of ALMOND. We will be having a call for participation in the review of manuscripts, abstracts, and other neonatal nephrology work products in the coming months.


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For more information, please feel free to contact the Research Committee co-chairs Dr. Matthew Harer ( or Michelle Starr ( 

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