March 2020 Article of the Month

Apr 6, 2020

Our new article of the month comes from Dr. Erin Rademacher. Please read more about outcomes of chronic dialysis therapy in infants and neonates.

The decision as to whether to offer neonates and infants chronic dialysis has been a challenging one for many years, with data limited on survival and ongoing receipt of transplantation. This article helps to provide neonatologists and nephrologists with the outcomes from a large data registry demonstrating that outcomes have improved over the last two decades.

February 2020 Article of the Month

Feb 4, 2020

Thanks to Dr. Amanda Dyson for this month's Article of the Month. Please read more about impact of nephrotoxic medication stewardship in the NICU in this recent article by Dr. Christine Stoops.

The focus of our current AKI mitigation strategies has been early recognition, improved surveillance, and prevention of AKI where feasible. Nephrotoxic medication stewardship and targeted AKI surveillance in the highest risk populations represent key strategies for improving the care and outcomes of patients at risk for acute kidney injury.