June 2022 Article of the Month

June 27, 2022

This month’s article is on cardiovascular health in adulthood following premature birth and was summarized by Dr. Tom Forbes. Using a large prospective, longitudinal study of extremely premature and low birth weight neonates in Australia, the authors evaluated blood pressures at 25 years of age. This prospective cohort study with an impressive 25-year follow up highlights the less favorable cardiovascular health profiles of infants compared to term-born, healthy controls, particularly in males. For more information, read the complete summary or the article HERE.

May 2022 Article of the Month

May 23, 2022

This month’s article summary by Dr. Cara Slagle highlights the recent Pediatric Research publication by Dr. Matt Harer and colleagues entitled “Renal tissue oxygenation after caffeine administration in preterm neonates.” This hypothesis generating study highlights the large knowledge gaps related to neonatal AKI, renal tissue oxygenation and the need for exploration into potential solutions to mitigate AKI and its consequences. This study demonstrates caffeine administration may increase renal tissue perfusion, a known source of renal injury. It also, interestingly demonstrates variation of increase in oxygenation depending on the baseline oxygenation subgroup following caffeine administration. For more information and to read the summary, please click here.