Journal clubs on social media are a growing and active way to share and discuss new literature. They are a timely and interactive way of discussing new additions to the literature. We hope to host 4 twitter journal clubs per year, once each quarter, primarily on Tuesday or Wednesday nights at 9pm eastern. Journal club will be moderated by a member of the communications committee or by request to Matt or Michelle. Articles will be chosen in collaboration with the Education and/or Research Committee. Journal club will cover all aspects of the article – background, methods, results and discussion. It will seek to generate a robust discussion and will last one hour. We will use the @NeonatalKidney Twitter account to host, and the hashtag #KidNeo.

For a guide on how to participate, please see this document.


The articles that we have previously discussed.
Date Title Authors Link
Wed Jan 26, 2022 Improving the identification of acute kidney injury in the neonatal ICU: three centers’ experiences Michelle C. Starr, Paulomi Chaudhry, Allyson Brock, Katherine Vincent, Katherine Twombley, Elizabeth M. Bonachea & Tahagod H. Mohamed article
Wed Oct 27, 2021 Association between Elevated Urine Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin and Postoperative Acute Kidney Injury in Neonates Cara L. Slagle MD, Stuart L.Goldstein MD, Hailey W.Gavigan MD, MS, James A. Rowe MD, Kelli A. Krallman BSN, MS, Heather C. Kaplan MD, MSCE, ChunyanLiu MS, Shelley R. Ehrlich MD, ScD, MPH, Meera Kotagal MD, MPH, Alexander J. Bondoc MD, Brenda B. Poindexter MD, MS article
Wed Apr 21, 2021 A New Approach to Recognize Neonatal Impaired Kidney Function Sofia Perazzo, Mary Revenis1, An Massaro, Billie L. Short, Patricio E. Ray article
Wed Dec 9, 2020 Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Risk of Diverse Forms of Kidney Disease during the First 50 Years of Life Anna Gjerde, Anna Varberg Reisæter, Rannveig Skrunes, Hans-Peter Marti and Bjørn Egil Vikse article
Wed Mar 4, 2020 Baby NINJA (Nephrotoxic Injury Negated by Just-in-Time Action): Reduction of Nephrotoxic Medication-Associated Acute Kidney Injury in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Christine Stoops, DO, MPH, Sadie Stone, PharmD' Emily Evans, PharmD, Lynn Dill, RN, Traci Henderson, RPh, Russell Griffin, PhD, Stuart L. Goldstein, MD, Carl Coghill, MD, David J. Askenazi, MD, MsPH article