What is the NKC Article of the Month?
The Article of the Month series is a monthly communication regarding new articles relevant to neonatal-nephrology scientific advancements or clinical care. These articles are reviewed and summarized by members of the NKC Education Committee.

What is the purpose of the Article of the Month?
The purpose of the Article of the Month is to provide NKC members who are often busy in their practice with a quick synopsis of some of the latest publications related to the care of newborns and infants with or at risk for both acute and chronic kidney disease. This process also gives the reviewers an opportunity to read and analyze in depth an article of interest. Many of these articles are written by our own members who can provide additional background information that may be included along with the article review. All Article of the Month articles and reviews will be archived and searchable on the NKC website for easy reference.

Trainees are also highly encouraged to work with their faculty to read articles and submit reviews.

What is the format of the Article of the Month reviews?

  1. Choose a month you want to write a review. While NKC Education committee members will take primary responsibility for these, anyone is invited to write a review, especially if there is an article about which you feel passionate.
  2. Write a review that is ~300 words or less using the following format:
    1. What was the purpose of the study?
    2. What was the study design (randomized control trial, retrospective cohort study, single center, multi-center, etc.)?
    3. What were the characteristics of the sample (pre-term, term, specific underlying disease or general NICU population, weight, etc.)?
    4. What are the results/main learning points?
    5. What are the implications?

The goal is to focus on the main learning points and any critical aspects of the study (population, sample size, methods) that contribute to the understanding of neonatal kidney disease.
Please contact the NKC Education committee co-chairs Erin Radmachers (Erin_Rademacher@URMC.Rochester.edu) or Jo Duara (jduara@gmail.com) if you would like to participate.