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Virtual Education Symposium on Neonatal Nephrology - 2023

The NKC has organized a free virtual education symposium on neonatal nephrology on 19th October from 12.30pm to 3.00pm pacific time; 3.30pm to 6.00pm eastern time. The symposium is designed to help support neonatal and nephrology fellows and junior faculty with educational topics on kidney development, acute kidney injury, neonatal dialysis, and neonatal conditions that affect kidney function. The symposium is open to fellows and faculty, will be held via zoom, and will require registration by 13th October. We look forward to as many trainees and junior faculty attending as possible.

See Virtual Education Symposium Flyer and Virtual Education Symposium Symposium Faculty.

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Research Incubator in Neonatal Kidney Disease (RINK)

We will be holding the inaugural meeting Research Incubator in Neonatal Kidney Disease (RINK) virtually on November 10th, 2023 from 1-4:30 pm EST.


The RINK is a multidisciplinary research consortium that will build on the success of the Neonatal Kidney Collaborative and foster continue collaboration to improve outcomes in neonates with kidney disease. We anticipate that the RINK will serve to expand the NKC’s research portfolio to include more investigator drive studies from a broader range of investigators, and provide flexibility to NKC members to participate in studies ranging in sizes and scope from small investigator driven studies to clinical trials. 

Links to a detailed description of the agenda, detailed description of the RINK and the rules of engagement can be found.

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August Article of the Month

Check out this review of 'Urine Output Monitoring for the Diagnosis of Early- Onset Acute Kidney Injury in Very Preterm Infants.' For more information, read the complete summary or the article.


Critical Care Nephrology in Children

It was great to see so many neonatal nephrology enthusiasts (and NKC members!) at the First International Conference of Critical Care Nephrology in Children in London. Thanks to Stuart Goldstein and Akash Deep for hosting! We were excited to have great talks from many of our members and to see so many exciting posters and sessions.

CCNC 2023 Group Photo
CCNC 2023 Selewski Group Photo


New Six2 Crew and Thanks!

First, we’d like to thank the outgoing Six-2 Crew for their outstanding work and involvement over the last 2 years. Our inaugural crew included Jennifer Chmielewski, Jacob Little, Rachel Buckle-Rashid, Paige Condit, Austin Rutledge, Elisabeth Cole, and Jennifer Varner. We wish them the best in their future careers and are excited for them to remain a part of the NKC!

We’d also like to welcome our incoming new NINE Six-2 Crew members. Please see below for more information about them all – congrats to them all, and we are excited for all of the great things in store for them over the next 2 years!

Six2 Crew interns 2023


Neonatal dialysis podcast episode


IPNA Webinar: Neonatal AKI, May 18

Neonatal Critical Care Nephrology: Where we are and Future Directions

IPNA Webinar

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Recent Citation Milestones for AWAKEN and NKC

Congrats to all involved in the AWAKEN primary manuscript (Lancet Child and Adolescent 2017) – which recently hit 400 citations! The Neonatal AKI review (Pediatrics 2015) also recently hit 450 citations.
(Source: Google Scholars)

AWAKEn and NKC citation


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