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Recent Neonatal Kidney Publications

We have created a page on the website which pulls directly from PubMed the newest articles in neonatal kidney disease. While this is not an inclusive list, we hope that this is a helpful resource for NKC members to stay up to date on the new publications in the field.


Article of the Month – May 2021

This month’s Article of the Month comes to us from Dr. Siddharth Shah. He reviews a recent article by Damasio and colleagues comparing MR urography to renal scintigraphy to evaluate renal function and drainage in children with CAKUT. For more information, read the full summary here.


Inside Pediatric Podcast – David Askenazi

Dr. David Askenazi recently appeared on the Inside Pediatrics podcast to talk about neonatal kidney disease, dialysis therapy advancements and care for children with complex kidney issues. Please take a listen HERE.

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