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October 2020 Article of the Month

Our new article of the month comes from Dr. Saritha Ranabothu on recognition of neonatal AKI and the lack of follow-up after leaving the NICU.

With AKI being common, and multiple studies identifying long-term risks of kidney dysfunction during childhood years, appropriate follow-up is very important. This study entitled, “Under-Recognition of Neonatal Acute Kidney Injury and Lack of Follow-up” by Roy et al sought to evaluate recognition of AKI on serum creatinine alone and rates of follow-up after discharge. Check out the study and article review to understand why quality improvement projects are needed to improve both diagnosis and follow-up of neonatal AKI.


September 2020 Article of the Month

Our new article of the month comes from Dr. Lochie Milner and is a systemic review and analysis of blood pressure measurements in neonates.

Accurate blood pressure measurements in neonates are fraught with challenges which is influenced by several factors including technique, cuff size and location of measurement. Since hypertension is being seen more frequently in neonates, especially in those with lung disease, the accuracy of neonatal blood pressure measurements is important for therapeutic guidance and potentially preventing long term cardiovascular complications.

This study entitled: ”Method of blood pressure measurement in neonates and infants: a systematic review and analysis" by Dionne et al sheds some light on some of these issues highlighting important aspects and pitfalls in evaluating blood pressures of premature babies in the NICU. Helpful recommendations are offered by the authors which are thought provoking with important implications.

Neonatal Nephrology in 2020 – An e-Platform and Poster Session

Thanks to all of you who attended the Neonatal Nephrology in 2020 e-Poster and Platform sessions on Monday May 4th. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the presentations and cutting edge science. If you were unable to watch the sessions, we have posted the session for further viewing. video

Additionally, we’d like to especially congratulate the winners of top platform and abstract presentations and commend both the number and quality of presentations from trainees (including medical students, residents and fellows) that were featured on Monday – we thank all of those who mentored these trainees through their research. 

NeoNeph figure/invite


Check out this great recorded Neonatal Nephrology Talk!

On April 7, Dr. Selewski gave an excellent talk about Neonatal Nephrology in a webinar sponsored by ESPN/ERKNet. Check out the link below to watch the full recording.

Neonatal Acute Kidney Injury video

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